‘Veep’s Matt Walsh Would Rather Have Selina Meyer In White House Than Donald Trump

Landing his second consecutive Emmy nomination for the role of White House Press Secretary Mike McClintock, Veeps Matt Walsh hopped on the phone to discuss the challenges of the series’ sixth season.

“[Season 6] was sort of bringing the band back together, so there were a lot of disparate storylines being juggled,” Walsh says. “It was sort of picking up where you left off and making sure the chemistry was still there with characters who had been off on their own journeys.”

Walsh also put the current White House administration on blast, suggesting that even the incompetent, heightened political figures of Veep would leave the United States in better hands. “Unfortunately, I think that pretty much every character on the show is a better deal than the ones we’ve got in Washington, which I never thought I’d say,” he laughs. “I don’t know how it happened, but even Selina, who’s a terrible president, I’d rather have her than Donald Trump. Mike McClintock was not a great Press Secretary, but better than the one we’ve got.”

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