Emmy Nominee Evan Rachel Wood Says ‘Westworld’s Timelines Were Complex For Her Too


If you had a hard time initially figuring out the timelines in Westworld and what took place when, so did the cast.

“We were all piecing it together just like the audience,” said Evan Rachel Wood, who earned her second career Emmy nomination today for playing the robotic, yet all too-human, host Dolores Abernathy on the Jonathan Nolan-Lisa Joy HBO series.

Sometimes it was easy to decipher that a particular scene was in another time period simply based on Dolores’ attire: slacks or prairie blue dress.

For Wood, it came down to a prop on the set for her to finally realize she was no longer acting in the present.

“It was so nonchalant how I found out. It was around production of the third episode and I asked the question, ‘Why is this gun here?’ When I closed the door, it was gone. As an actor, I want to know what’s going on, it’s a legitimate question. Then somebody explained that it was part of a completely different timeline. I walked off the set and thought, ‘I don’t know anything. This show could be anything. My mind is completely blown.'”

“It helped to inform my performance of this girl who is losing her mind, and that she doesn’t know what’s happening given the fact that she’s in multiple dimensions, living in the past, present and future,” added Wood.

Best bet for the actors on Westworld: Just work with what’s on the page given that different episodes would shoot during the course of one day.


Westworld is currently in production on season 2. Hints Wood, “It’s like what Jonah has been saying: If the first season was defined by control, then the second season is chaos and he’s not kidding. It’s going to be more ambitious.”

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