‘Master Of None’ Co-Creator On Season 3 Renewal: “It’s Still Up In The Air”

By Amanda N'Duka, Erik Pedersen


With multiple Emmy nominations for each of its first two seasons, including a 2016 win for writing, Master of None co-creator Alan Yang is in no rush to churn out a Season 3 of the Netflix original.

Associated Press

“It’s still up in the air,” Yang told Deadline today after the second Comedy Series Emmy nom for the show he co-created with star Aziz Ansari. “We only want to do it if we have something we’re really excited about. We’ll see. The show is a lot of fun to work on, and we have a great time doing it. We’ll see if those ideas come and we get the spark to do it another year. We don’t want to do it unless it’s great.”

The diverse and cinematic Master of None is following the take-your-time aesthetic of such comedies as FX’s Louie — which has taken long stretches between seasons before and now is on another “extended hiatus” and, like Master, follows a showbiz pro’s home life in Manhattan — and HBO’s Curb Your Enthusiasm, which Larry David pretty much produces when he feels like it. Season 1 of Yang and Ansari’s show went live on Netflix in November 2015, and Season 2 didn’t arrive until this past May, fully a year and a half later.

The series is “like 10 short films,” Ansari said at Deadline’s The Emmy Contenders event last year.

Since its onset, Master of None has managed to capture an overwhelmingly positive response from critics and audiences alike. “I think we just try to be honest about our personal experiences. I can’t speak to what the audience relates to, but we just want to be hyper-specific and authentic to what’s going on in our lives. Hopefully people would see that. We just want to make something that we want to see”

Speaking of what Yang and fellow co-creator Ansari would like to see, Yang shared, “Our favorite things to talk about is doing the show again in 30 years when we’re in our 60s. That’s what I’ll be curious to see. Maybe we’ll do one sooner than that, but that would be really fun. It would actually be different than what our lives are like now as opposed to what are lives are like one year later, which is pretty much the same. How much more do we have to write about being single and eating food? We got to have stuff happen to us.”


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