Adam Schiff Sends Donald Trump Jr. To Timeout After Day 2 Of Twitter Tantrum

Donald Trump Jr

Donald Trump Jr. threw another Twitter tantrum Tuesday morning as TV news programs paddled around in Monday night’s New York Times’ blockbuster report in which he plays the starring role.  According to the newspaper, before Donald Trump’s oldest son had that June 26, 2016 meeting with the Kremlin-connected lawyer the paper wrote about over the weekend, he had been informed via email he would be provided with damaging intel on Hillary Clinton as part of a “Russian government effort to aid his father’s candidacy.”

Rep. Adam Schiff, top Dem on the House Intelligence Committee, was explaining to MSNBC’s Morning Joe that the committee will want Don Jr. to testify under oath about all this, when Mika Brzezinski read him DonnyJ’s tweet:


“Is this all you have?” Brzezinski asked Schiff.

“Well there’s an awful lot more – even in the public domain,” Schiff noted dismissively.

“But, of course, the evolving accounts from Don Trump Jr. don’t inspire a lot of confidence,” he continued. “This is someone who was very adamant he never had any of these meetings, never had any kind of help or offers of help… He was making the same argument before.”

“Of course he’s had to evolve his story many times since, and I’m sure will evolve it many times in the future,” Schiff . “So I don’t give that a whole lot of credit.”

Before sending Trump Jr. to his time out, Schiff had been explaining why it’s important for Congress to “get to bottom of what happened.”

It’s “critical” he said, to answer the question, “Do Russian have information that they can hold over the head of the adminstration to influence U.S. policy. That could take the forms of meetings they know took place, offers to give help they know took place. It could take the form of if they were engaged in money laundering with the Trump Organization. I’m not saying this happened,” Schiff hastened to add.  But, if it did, he said, it might explain “why the president approaches Syria the way he does, why he approaches Ukraine the way he does, why he approaches [Russian] sanctions the way he does, why he says the things he says about ‘we don’t really know if the Russians were involved'” in the presidential election tampering.

“We need to get to the bottom of this. It would be the worst form of negligence for the Congress not to.”

Here are Donald Trump Jr.’s other morning tweets about media reax to the new report:

NYT White House correspondent Maggie Haberman told CNN’s Anderson Cooper Monday evening the email came from Rob Goldstein, the intermediary on that meeting with the Russian lawyer that Donald Jr. insisted Sunday in a statement turned out to be much ado about nothing.

“I do think it’s important to point out there’s a lot we don’t know,” Haberman cautioned Cooper. “We know this email was sent, but we don’t know what was said, what he thought was going to be in there … It’s really important not to rush into the breach…This is another piece of the puzzle.”

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