John Podesta To “Whack Job” Donald Trump: “Get A Grip Man…You’re Representing US At G20”


John Podesta responded to President Donald Trump’s morning tweet from G20, in which POTUS reported that “everyone here is talking about why John Podesta refused to give the DNC server to the FBI and the CIA. Disgraceful!”

It took Hillary Clinton’s former campaign manager some time to tweet back at Trump. Podesta explained he was on a cross-country road trip with his wife and had not seen the presidential tweet until he pulled over for a pit stop in West Virginia:

Before Podesta’s pit-stop response, others stood in for him Friday morning, offering snappy responses.

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough, for instance imagined German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron huddling to discuss why Podesta “did not give up his risotto recipe.” CNN’s counterterrorism analyst Philip Mudd head-scratched over POTUS airing domestic dirty laundry while in Hamburg at G20, likening it to a guest at a dinner party suddenly shouting, “My wife is fat!”

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