Mika Brzezinski & Joe Scarborough Return To Work, And To Donald Trump’s Bloody Tweet

Morning Joe

Back from the July 4th break, Morning Joe co-hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski talked around the reason their vacay had started late.

Under pretext of talking about President Donald Trump’s participation in this week’s G-20 summit, and his refusal to blast Russian ruler Vladimir Putin over U.S. election meddling, Scarborough insisted the more Trump does not condemn Putin, the less trust Americans have in POTUS.

“People talk about how his tweets are not in his best interest — I would say his continuing to be obsequious to Vladimir Putin  actually undercuts his authority as a president,” Scarborough argued.

“I think both of those things undercut his presidency — especially on the world stage,” Brzezinski jumped in.

Later, Time editor-at-large Ian Bremmer called German Chancellor Angela Merkel Trump’s “toughest relationship” — even more than his relationship with French President Emmanuel Macron who, Bremmer said, is more willing to be “transactional” in his relationship with Trump.

“Why do you think Merkel — the most powerful woman in the world — would be Donald Trump’s toughest relationship?” Scarborough faux-wondered.

“I’ve got a guess,” Mika snarked.

“Gender clearly plays into it,” Bremmer said, taking the cue.

Mika was having none of that.

“Plays into it? It defines it, Ian!” she shot back.

Bremmer explained Merkel’s disappointment with the United States’ reax on this and that. “Add to that the fact Trump clearly doesn’t respect women,” he added, nodding to Mika.

Walking up to the July 4th holiday, Brzezinski became a headline when Trump tweeted “Low IQ” Brzezinski had visited Mar-a-Lago around New Year’s Eve with Scarborough and “insisted on joining me” while “she was bleeding badly from a face-lift,” adding, “I said no!”

The Morning Joe co-hosts delayed their holiday plans to appear on their morning show and address Trump’s tweet, also penning a “Trump is not well” op-ed in WaPo.

Politico reports Wednesday morning that Trump’s attacks on Brzezinski disturb most Americans, including many Republicans; 65% of all voters called Trump’s tweet unacceptable, with 46% of Republicans saying the same. Just 16% of voters thought Trump’s tweet acceptable.


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