CNN Had Identified Redditor Suddenly Sorry For Originating Donald Trump’s Network–Bashing GIF

If you too guessed the Redditor who had boasted he originated the CNN-bashing GIF used by President Donald Trump suddenly apologized for same because he found out CNN knew who he was — congratulations!

And, if you also guessed “HanA**holeSolo” has pleaded with CNN not to reveal his identity because he’s scared for his personal safety, and because it would embarrass him to be outed as the person behind the GIF and various anti-Semitic and racist Reddit rants  – go to the head of the class.

CNN reported Tuesday night it has agreed not to reveal the guy’s name, but reserves the right to do so should he ever repeat his “ugly behavior on social media.”

“HanA**holeSolo” initially boasted he originated the GIF behind Trump’s tweet in which Trump is seen pounding on the head of a man whose face has been swapped for the CNN logo.

HAS first shared the GIF last Wednesday; CNN reports it could find no earlier instance of the GIF that subsequently was edited to add sound before being tweeted by Trump on Sunday.

After Trump’s tweet, “HanA**holeSolo” took a victory lap, via Reddit: “Holy s—!! I wake up and have my morning coffee and who retweets my s—post but the MAGA EMPORER himself!!! I am honored!!”

CNN reports its KFile identified the man, using information he had posted on Reddit and Facebook. On Monday, KFile reached out to the man by email and phone, but he did not respond.

In one of those incredible coincidences, on Tuesday HanA**holeSolo suddenly saw the error of his ways, and posted a lengthy apology on the subreddit /The_Donald, in which he said he admires and respects the press and all of mankind.

He also deleted his other offensive posts. Moderators of /The_Donald subreddit took down his apology.

After posting his apology, he called CNN’s KFile and confirmed his identity. In that phone interview, “HanA**holeSolo” asked CNN not to name him out of fear for his personal safety and “for the public embarrassment it would bring to him and his family,” the network reported, describing him as sounding “nervous.”

During the phone call, he told CNN the White House had not asked permission to use the GIF, and said he probably would have denied them permission. CNN did not report whether their reporter asked him to square that with above-mentioned “I am honored” gush.

But CNN did ask him about all those racist, Islamophobic, and anti-Semitic posts. The man explained:

“I love people of all races, creeds and origins. One of my best friends is a homosexual and one of my best friends is Jewish and one of my best friends is Muslim.”

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