John Oliver Blasts Tucker Carlson As “Failed Human Being” Over Tweet Celebrating Donald Trump Travel Ban

John Oliver opened Last Week Tonight blasting President Donald Trump as the “Bachelor in Paradise of American presidents” over his launch Thursday of a Twitter attack on Morning Joe’s Mika Brzezinski.

Trump’s series of disgusting, indefensible tweets unfortunately overshadowed a development with regard to Trump’s travel ban, which the White House insists is not a travel ban — despite what you may have heard from mainstream media “like the President of the United States, and the dictionary,” Oliver said.

Trump’s original executive order banning people from seven Muslim-majority countries was blocked in courts, as was the revised

Fox News

version. But now the Supreme Court has reinstated portions of it, “banning the ban ban,” Oliver joked. The top court did impose restrictions on banning people with credible claims of bonafide relationships to people already in the United States, but that does not include grandparents, among other family members.

The ban is shameful in that it leaves in the lurch thousands of desperate refugees who have gone through exhaustive vetting and have been approved to come to the United States. Some, Oliver noted, say that’s no big deal. Among them, Fox News Channel’s “human lacrosse stick” Tucker Carlson, who tweeted “Why does America benefit from having tons of people from failing countries come here?”

“A question that made the Statue of Liberty give up and drown herself in the Hudson River,” Oliver informed.

“If I may just point out, Tucks: just because a nation is failing doesn’t mean it can’t produce some amazing people,” Oliver added, “Just as, and I think we all know who Exhibit A for this is, a successful nation can produce some truly failed human beings. #Tucker.”

POTUS, Oliver continued, gives credibility to the White House’s contention a grandparent can be a grave and immediate danger to the country.



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