‘Rick And Morty’ Gets Season 3 Premiere Date & Trailer During Livestream With Dan Harmon & Justin Roiland

Adult Swim

Rick and Morty creator-writers Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland used a livestream tonight to announce that Season 3 of their animated show will premiere at 11:30 PM  Sunday, July 30, on Adult Swim. They also showed an S3 trailer; watch it above.

“Only a show this smart could be so stupid,” the trailer’s voice-over reminded. Its tagline is, “Welcome to the darkest year of their adventures.”

Adult Swim

The predictably profane livestream was hosted by Brandon Johnson, who voices Mr. Goldenford on the series alongside Roiland’s voicing of the title characters. Storyboard artist Erica Hayes was live-illustrating as they went along, and Harmon was typing screenplay-style for the live audience during the event as well.

The S3 premiere date news came a few days after Harmon went on an epic hourlong Twitter rant about why the series is taking so long to return from hiatus. It last aired an original episode in October 2015.

“The reason S3 took long is because it took long to write, because it was S3 of a show that we were scared to make worse than S2 or S1,” he had tweeted cheekily this past Saturday.

Part of Harmon’s weekend Twitter-thon focused on dispelling online rumors that the show was delayed because he and Roiland were feuding. Johnson had them address that pachyderm in the hall pretty much right away. “On the interwebs, lotta people talking about beef between you and Dan — is that true?” he aksed. To which Roiland deadpanned, “We don’t like each other by any stretch.” Harmon chimed in: “While we suffer through working together, there is a built-in friendship in making each other millions of dollars. … As you’ve seen from American politics, rich people that keep each other rich tend to not work together at all.”

Jokes about the length and breadth of their friendship ensued — along with some gags about the series being canceled (it’s not). But wait a minute: Politics, eh? Go on.

Before they made the big reveal about the premiere date, Roiland teased it as Harmon typed. Up on the screen went, “We have cured syphilis.” That got a good laugh, but it was just a setup. “The cure will trickle down,” Harmon added, “So that means that next week you’re gonna see the changes start to take effect on Twitter at 3 in the morning, with some very concise tweets about foreign policy. As syphilitic dementia starts to clear up from the top down.”

Said Roiland with a sigh, “Oh boy, we’re getting political.”

Harmon rolled with it, and said in a Donald Trump-ian voice: “I stopped being interested in this stuff the day after I pranked 300 million people with my vote. … Now I’m bored. Everyone get back to making me happy.”

Along with announcing the premiere date and revealing the trailer, the event gave Harmon and Roiland a chance to address those feud rumors that Harman tweeted about over the weekend.

“As I speak, more articles are coming out about me and Justin fighting. Because it’s a less boring reason for a season to take long,” he 140-charactered Saturday. Harmon followed that with:

and …

and …

and …


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