Seth Meyers: Sean Hannity Makes Terrible Donald Trump Wingman

Seth Meyers Donald Trump Ban

Late Night host Seth Meyers looked at all the things President Donald Trump and Fox News Channel have been doing to distract their followers from the fact that the GOP controlled Senate’s Trumpcare embarrassment.

The Congressional Budget Office projected this Trumpcare bill will leave about 22 million people uninsured, forcing Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to scrub his plans to rush the bill written in secrecy to a vote, because it lacked the needed support inside his own party.

“So what has Trump been up to,” Meyers faux-wondered.

“Yesterday he got up bright and early to retweet four different stories in a row from Fox & Friends attacking the Russia investigation and Democrats.”

“Fox & Friends showered Trump with so much praise they’re starting to sound like the helicopter parents of a sh*tty private school kid,” Meyers snarked. “‘Our Donnie would never collude with Russia! How dare you! Do you know how much money we give to this school?!’”

Among the stories Trump retweeted was a link to monologue from Fox News Channel primetime star Sean Hannity, who may have done more harm than good, Meyers thinks. Because while trying to defend Trump, Hannity repeated a certain lurid rumor about POTUS.

Cue clip of Hannity reading a recent New York Post headline: Sketchy Firm Behind Trump Dossier Is Stalling Investigators.

“Oh, interesting!” Hannity sneered, adding, “Remember, that’s the dossier that talked about Trump at a Ritz Carlton in Moscow, with two prostitutes urinating on his bed?”

“Well, we do now!” Meyers smiled, telling Hannity: “You are a terrible wingman!”

So obsessed with media praise is Trump that he has a framed Time magazine cover hanging in several of his golf resorts, featuring Trump’s image and headlines that say “The Apprentice is a smash!” and “Trump Is Hitting On All Fronts…Even TV!”

This according to Washington Post reporting.

Except, of course, the cover is a fake, as WaPo added, and non-Fox-News cable news TV has been feasting on it since Tuesday.

“This would be the saddest thing I’ve ever ever heard, if it wasn’t the funniest thing I’ve ever heard,” Meyers acknowledged.

Trump did not like this report from the Washington Post and “took a page out of the Strongman Playbook and attacked Amazon, whose CEO also owns the Washington Post,” Meyers explained.

Trump accused Amazon of not paying internet taxes.

“Just one thing: there is no internet tax,” Meyer noted of Trump’s stab at a bright shiny media-distracting light.

While Trump tweeted far more urgently in Washington, the Senate was trying to ram through its Trumpcare plan.

The vote delayed, McConnell has time to cut backroom deals. “Question is, what role will Trump play?” Meyers said, cutting to Texas Sen. John Cornyn saying, delicately, “we’re trying to hold him back a little bit.”

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