Seth Meyers Mocks “Dummy” Donald Trump For Trumpcare “Mean” Nickname Boast

Seth Meyers

Late Night host Seth Meyers noted the Congressional Budget Office has forecast the Senate GOP’s Trumpcare bill could leave 22 million people uninsured, which may explain why Republicans are “trying a new tactic to defend it: lying.”

Meanwhile, the White House had stoutly refused to confirm a report Trump called the House bill “mean” in conversation with GOP members of Senate. All for naught, when former President Barack Obama out-played them, using the word “mean” himself to describe the House version of Trumpcare, also warning it would hurt Americans. Informed of Obama’s remark on Sunday’s Fox & Friends, Trump interrupted to claim ownership of the “mean” description:

“He actually used my term, ‘mean’,” Trump shot back. “That was my term.”

“You dummy!” Meyers said. “You’re not supposed to admit to that! Obama trolled you! You are so easy!”

Meyers also updated his viewers on the latest development in Trump’s sacking of FBI Director James Comey. Late last week, Trump finally confessed, via Twitter, that he had not recorded his conversations with Comey, as Trump had suggested he might have done, in a previous tweet issued shortly after sacking Comey and warning him to think twice before “leaking.” Since that admission, Trump gave an interview “with state media news agency Fox News” in which he got asked about the “big news” he had not recorded Comey, and why he had implied recordings existed in the first place.

Trump’s rambling response “sounds like someone dumped a box of magnetic poetry into a blender,” Meyers snarked, assuring his fans, “If you heard someone like that rambling on a subway, you’d switch cars.”

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