Comic-Con: Amazon Plans Big ‘The Tick’ Takeover At Superhero Confab

Amazon Studios

EXCLUSIVE: Starting as a spoof of superheroes back in the 1980s, Amazon’s upcoming version of The Tick is intent on making a seriously big splash at Comic-Con next month.

While the exact date and location for a panel for the series created and executive produced by Ben Edlund has not been cast in stone, the House of Bezos is setting up a Tick Takeover right across the street from SDCC. Open from July 20-23, a multi-room replica of The Tick’s warehouse set and other specific locations from the Peter Serafinowicz- and Griffin Newman-led series will pull fans and other interested bystanders into the show’s world and out of the hot San Diego sun.

The first superhero series to launch at Amazon, The Tick will be the studio’s big activation this year at Comic-Con, I hear. The timing for fanboy and fangirl attention for the beloved character is pretty perfect as all 10 episodes of the first season are set to be released August 25. The pilot for the Sony Television co-production premiered on Amazon’s streaming service on August 18 last year.

As well as the multi-room experience and a subsequent scavenger hunt, The Tick will also be on the confab scene with a 20-foot animatronic version of the blue outfitted hero’s head. Intended to serve as part 3D billboard on corner of San Diego’s 1st and J Street, the build will also allow fans to express the Tick’s emotions via controls of the big animatronic — or they can just hang out in the Amazon Prime Member Lounge and watch the pilot.

The Tick is executive produced by Edlund, Dave Fury, Barry Josephson and Barry Sonnenfeld, directed by Wally Pfister and written by Edlund, who created the original comic. Of course this isn’t the first time The Tick has hit the small screen. An animated Tick aired on Fox for three seasons from 1994-96 and in 2001 a short-lived live-action Tick was on the Murdoch-owned net with Patrick Warburton in the blue suit. Warburton will make some sort of cameo on the just-wrapped new Tick, Edlund has told fans.

The part-action part-comedy series focuses on a minor league accountant in a world full of superheroes who discovers his city is ruled by a global super villain everybody figured was long-thought dead. Newman is that accountant, Arthur, and Serafinowicz is the blue garbed and “neat” espousing hero who suddenly shows up. The Tick also stars Yara Martinez, Jackie Earle Haley, Valorie Curry and Brendan Hines.

While where, when and who will be on The Tick panel is being determined, I hear that the shindig will go down  either July 21 or July 22. I also hear, like at NYC Comic-Con last fall, that Edlund will be in attendance. Serafinowicz, Newman and Watchmen alum Haley as well as Pfister are also expected to be in the Convention Center ballroom.

As for Deadline, co-Editor-in-Chief Mike Fleming Jr, Anthony D’Alessandro and myself will be leading our Comic-Con coverage both inside and outside the convention center from July 20-23. Rule #1 – Stay hydrated.

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