22 Million People Lose Health Care Under Senate Trumpcare Plan, CBO Says


The Congressional Budget Office says 22 million people would lose health care under the Senate’s version of Trumpcare that Senate Republicans are racing to bring to a vote this week without hearings.

That’s just 1 million fewer people than the non-partisan CBO estimated would lose healthcare by 2026 under the House version of Trumpcare. President Donald Trump called the House bill “mean” and said he hoped the Senate version would have more “heart.”

The Senate’s plan, forged behind closed doors without being seen by all Dems and even some Republicans ¬†and released late last week, would cut the federal budget deficit by $321 billion over that decade. That’s about $100B more than the plan needed to drop the federal deficit in order for it to move forward. That leaves room for negotiations with Ted Cruz and other on-the-fence GOP senators to flip them to “yes” votes on the plan.

The Senate’s plan, like the House plan, drastically cuts federal funding for Medicaid and financial assistance to make health care affordable. Critics note some of the savings would be passed along in a tax break for more wealthy Americans.

In May, the Congressional Budget Office forecast the House’s Trumpcare proposal would cause 23 million Americans to lose coverage by 2026.

Like the House’s version, Senate’s Trumpcare vision whacks large swaths of Obamacare, including deep cuts to the Medicaid expansion, and allowing insurance companies to offer “skinny” plans to citizens that exclude coverage of some health benefits.

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