Jimmy Kimmel Blasts Mitch McConnell’s Super-Secret Guys-Only Trumpcare Cabal


Jimmy Kimmel unveiled a trailer for the new summer movie he called Mitch McConnell and The Chamber of Secrets, on his ABC late-night show Wednesday night.

“A small group of Republican senators are working on a health care plan right now that no one else has seen, and they want to force a vote on it before July 4,” Kimmel said of the horror movie plot.

“Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell –  you know, that old lady with the glasses? Yeah, her,” Kimmel said as a photo of McConnell flashed on screen.

“She is keeping this bill such a tightly guarded secret even senators in her own party haven’t been allowed to look at it. They’ve held no hearings, they’ve had no debate. All we know is that the legislation that would affect many millions of Americans is being written in secret by a group of 13 male senators.

“All men.

“No women.

“McConnell said he would have women. But they can’t keep a secret.”


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