Samantha Bee Looks For All The Words Donald Trump And His Team Are Hiding


UPDATED with video: Samantha Bee took Full Frontal viewers on a trip to The Semantic Vortex, where language is fractured and unmoored from meaning, where words mean their opposite, or mean nothing.

In other words, Donald Trump’s presidency.

“He had the best words, and he took them and hid them,” she said of Trump. The first one to go? “Lies.”

Former FBI Director James Comey used it, in testimony describing Trump’s claim he fired Comey as FBI director because of a morale issue at the bureau, among other reasons.

“We looked everywhere but could not find the lost word,” Bee said, by way of introducing a hilarious look at the ways cable news talking heads have danced around calling Trump a liar, with words like “untruths,”  “inaccuracies,” “deliberate misstatements,” “alternative facts,” “intentional falsehood,”  “misstatements of a factual nature,” and even something Trump called “euthanism.”

For POTUS and “his fifth-rate entourage of lackeys and lip spittles, the dictionary was fit only for wiping one’s ample ass,” Bee blasted. “But, while our president’s struggles with monolingualism may have been excusable, if completely mortifying, his team’s willful perversion of words and their meaning was not,” Bee continued. Like that time Comey had a chat with Trump, then wrote it down so he’d remember it….and next thing you know, “the irritatingly upright law man had a new nickname,” she recalled.

“He’s a leaker,” Trump had charged, of Comey.

“Remember when the crime of leaking had a legal meaning: ‘To intentionally disclose secret information’?” Bee mourned. “Sharing recollections of an unclassified conversation doesn’t make you a criminal. It makes you Gossip Girl.”

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