More Viewers Chose Fox News Channel For Georgia Special Election Coverage

Jon Ossoff Karen Handel Georgia

Fox News Channel clocked the biggest crowd among cable news networks for coverage of the highly hyped Georgia special election Tuesday night, both in overall audience and in the news demographic.

FNC averaged 2.8 million primetime viewers, 570K of whom fell in the key 25-54 age bracket. MSNBC followed in the demo with 481K viewers and 1.943M viewers overall CNN logged 398K news-demo viewers out of 1.183M total viewers.

FNC’s Tucker Carlson Tonight was the top viewer getter in all of cable, with 2.925M viewers.

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow logged the largest crowd in the demo among cable news programs, at 610K.

About $56M later, Georgia’s former Secretary of State Karen Handel won the bid to replace Tom Price in Georgia’s 6th district, which has been under GOP control nearly four decades.

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