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Aisha Hinds

“I still struggle to find the words to really encapsulate what that experience was for me,” says Aisha Hinds of playing Harriet Tubman this season on Underground. “As an artist, by all means, it was an incredible, exciting venture and challenge to bring theater on to television,” she adds in our Next Generation TV interview about that Season 2 episode titled “Minty,” which was essentially a one-woman show of Hinds as the iconic abolitionist.

Like past Next Gen TV interviewee Carrie Coons, Hinds is a potential Emmy double-dipper this season, for Tubman in the Misha Green- and Joe Pokaski-created drama and as Pastor Janae James in Fox’s 10-part Shots Fired. The Star Trek Darkness alum will also be in the upcoming Godzilla sequel King Of The Monsters that started production in Atlanta this week.

“Harriet Tubman’s spirit is one where she knows the dangers involved but she’s going to take the risk anyway because the reward on the other side is that important,” Hinds says of the gravity of the role in the now-canceled WGN America series about the underground railroad and the race from the slavery of the South that thousands attempted. “I think that what was the reward in this is that they were telling her story in a way that honored her,” she noted of the Anthony Hemingway-directed episode that aired April 12.

“I knew how important her image on television was for right now, for this generation, for older generations even,” Hinds says passionately about the role. “That’s an important message for today to show people the humanity of Harriet Tubman so that they can see that within them is a Harriet Tubman, is the spirit of a revolutionary. It educates us to let us know that we are still in pursuit of freedom.”

Whether you are a fan of great TV (as the “Minty” episode is), history, or simply a great story, check out our conversation above.

My interview with Hinds is the seventh installment of our Next Generation TV video series. Watch last week’s interview with American Gods’ Ricky Whittle here and my June 6 conversation with Carrie Coon of both The Leftovers and Fargo here. 

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