‘American Koko’: Viola Davis-Produced Digital Series Launches Season 2 In Honor Of Juneteenth


ABC’s streaming service today launched the second season of the Diarra Kilpatrick-created short-form digital comedy series American Kokoin honor of Juneteenth. June 19, known as Juneteenth, commemorates the abolition of slavery in Texas (June 19, 1865) and producers Viola Davis and her husband Julius Tennon, felt it was an appropriate date on which to premiere Season 2 of the racially-themed series.

American Koko stars Kilpatrick as Akosua Millard, code-named “Koko”, an investigator who solves sticky racial situations in a post-racial America as a member of the satirical E.A.R. Agency (Everybody’s A little bit Racist). As she and her team of specialists tackle cases, she herself is trying to reconcile the trauma of her past that has led to outbursts of her Angry Black Woman syndrome. It gets in the way of her work … and, more importantly, her dating life as her latest boyfriend may be the downfall to her and the agency!

Tennon spoke to Deadline on the significance of the premiere date.

“Race has always been a issue in our country. Now, in our current political climate, a show like American Koko, which is about helping people navigate sticky racial situation, creates a conversation around race in an insight, funny, and interesting way. The conservation around race should be as open as they can be. It can create some situations for solutions on how people view race. It’s going to be a show that addresses a lot of things people don’t talk about, so they’ll learn something.”

Originally produced independently on Kilpatrick’s YouTube channel, the series caught the eye of Davis and Tennon, who then signed on to produce via their JuVee Productions, along with National Picture Show, a second season and a re-shoot of the first.

On what’s in store for season two, Tennon said, “[the characters] lay it on top of what they did this first season and have added more cases to what they had gotten into with the first six [episodes]. It’s a continuation of the narratives about race but a little bit more filled out.”

American Koko can be streamed on abc.com and the ABC app.

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