Seth Rogen Rips Into Rob Schneider for Blocking Him on Twitter

Seth Rogen got much of Comedy Twitter to rally to his defense today when he alerted them to a strange indignity: He had been blocked by Rob Schneider.

“What the f*ck?” read Rogen’s initial tweet. He then followed with a zoomed-in screen grab from Schneider’s account and show Real Rob, showing him sitting with his wife and daughter, wearing an anxious expression. “Why does he seem so appalled to be sitting with his own family?” Rogen wondered.

Comedians like Kumail Nanjiani immediately joined the fray–“You’re missing some gold,” he mock-gloated, pasting in a tweet from Schneider in early June blasting the investigation into the Trump Administration’s alleged collusion with the Russians. Ike Barinholtz then tweeted, “Kumail, Seth blocked me what’s he tweeting about?” And on it went.

Schneider, a showbiz gadfly who has segued from petitioning the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to admit him as a member to recently launching broadsides against the “mainstream media” and in support of right-wing causes, went on a Twitter spree late last week. But his Twitter account as of now indicates no specific source of the beef with Rogen, with whom he has never worked. He has not yet responded to Rogen’s pokes.

Here are Rogen’s two tweets and then some of the best responses:

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