Carrie Fisher Had Cocaine, Heroin, Ecstasy In Her System, Coroner Says – Update

Carrie Fisher

UPDATE: Carrie Fisher had cocaine, heroin and ecstasy in her system when she died last December, according to an autopsy report obtained by The Associated Press. But investigators could not determine what impact those drugs had on her death. A coroner’s report Friday said Fisher died from sleep apnea along with other factors.

PREVIOUS, June 16, 7:37 PM: A report Friday by the Los Angeles County coroner’s office said Carrie Fisher died from sleep apnea along with other factors, but her official cause of death is still listed as “undetermined,” the agency said. It was unclear whether a full autopsy report would be released.

Fisher died at age 60 on December 27, four days after she suffered a medical emergency on a plane from London to Los Angeles. In January the coroner listed her cause of death as cardiac arrest. Her mother, Debbie Reynolds, died the next day.

The coroner’s report today noted that among the factors that contributed to Fisher’s death was buildup of fatty tissue in her artery walls, and signs of the Star War actress having taken multiple drugs. No toxicology report has been released, but her brother Todd Fisher told the Associated Press today many of the drugs she took were prescribed for her mental health conditions.

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