Comedy Central’s Presidential Library: Trump Tweets Are Forever, Like It Or Not

Comedy Central

A presidential twitter library might only last for a weekend, reminded Daily Show host Trevor Noah tonight, but tweets? They’re forever.

Whether the tweeter likes it or not.

“I think he would like to see himself on the walls, to see his words immortalized,” Noah said at a press preview of Comedy Central’s Manhattan gallery exhibit (and long-titled) “The Daily Show Presents: The Donald J. Trump Presidential Twitter Library.” The temporary pop-up exhibit – just around the corner from Trump Tower – is devoted to Trump’s greatest 140-character hits.

Framed tweets line the space’s walls and are showcased in interactive displays (yes, you too can tweet from a golden toilet), offering a sometimes funny, sometimes disturbing overview of Trump’s thoughts on everything from pop culture to birtherism and covfefe.

Comedy Central

Dreamed up by the Daily Show writers while they were pondering the history of presidential libraries, the Trump exhibit is organized loosely by subject, the tweets reminding us just how wide-ranging our president’s obsessions have been. Long before his anger at James Comey and fake news, Trump seemed to fashion himself as some sort of entertainment critic, as evidenced by his take on Django Unchained (“the most racist movie I have ever seen, it sucked!”) and Blackish (“Can you imagine the furor of a show, ‘Whiteish’! Racism at the highest level?”) to the Oscars (“I don’t know how much longer I can take this bullshit – so terrible!”) and Modern Family (“Just tried watching Modern Family – written by a moron, really boring. Writer has the mind of a very dumb and backward child.”)

Nor was he above dishing the Hollywood dirt: “Robert Pattinson should not take back Kristen Stewart. She cheated on him like a dog & will do it again – just watch. He can do much better!”

Comedy Central

Other highlights or lowlights of the exhibit present Trump’s shameful dive into birtherism. “An ‘extremely credible source’ has called my office and told me that @BarackObama’s birth certificate is a fraud,” reads a 2012 tweet. And this from 2014: “Attention all hackers: You are hacking everything else so please hack Obama’s college records (destroyed?) and check ‘place of birth'”.

Comedy Central

A world map pin-points Trump’s global twitter targets. Italy, for example, inspired this one: “Everyone should boycott Italy if Amanda Knox is not freed. She is totally innocent”.

Noah, in his brief, faux-formal oration to the press, insisted that the exhibit is not a home for haters. “We are admirers,” the Daily Show host said, explaining that Trump “may not be good at presidency, or reading, or geo-politics, but he is a damn fine twitterer.”

Asked whether he thought Trump tweeted as compensation for having small hands, Noah answered with a stern, “This is a space of love. That won’t be tolerated! But yes, maybe.”

The Donald J. Trump Presidential Twitter Library, located at 3 West 57th Street in Manhattan, is open to the public from Friday, June 16, though Sunday, June 18. Admission is free.


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