Streetwear Docu ‘Built To Fail:’ Watch Exclusive Clip Before LAFF Premiere

Here is an exclusive clip for Built To Fail: A Streetwear Story, the documentary that premieres Saturday night at the Los Angeles Film Festival. Directed by Bobby Kim, Alexis Spraic and Scott Weintrob, the documentary follows Kim, the co-founder of the street fashion brand The Hundreds, as he tracks back to the players at the atom-splitting moment when the subculture of LA’s surfing and skateboarding scene birthed a hip fashion style that became a billion dollar global industry. The docu is produced by Samantha Laidlaw and Joshua Greenberg and exec produced by Matti Leshem and Mark Rowen. The film tells the story through interviews with Tommy Hilfiger, Russell Simmons. A$AP Rocky, Benny Gold, and LA-based designers such as Eli Bonerz (X-Large), “Bobby Tribal” Ruiz (Tribal), and Rick Klotz (Freshjive). “It’s a subculture that has never really been explored in a documentary, on a subject that was originally meant to stay underground and outside of the mainstream,” Kim said. “These first generation designers started off small, and I wanted to see what happened to those original guys.” Some who sold their businesses at the right time became multi-millionaires; others weren’t so lucky. “There are valid comparisons to hip hop, where some pioneers made fortunes and others live in the basements of their moms’ houses,” he said. “There was always this tussle between art and commerce, and sometimes becoming the biggest wasn’t the best thing. Some of these pioneers made it big, while most didn’t.”

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