CNN’s Don Lemon Defends Anderson Cooper’s Eye Roll To Chelsea Handler

Chelsea Handler

Chelsea host Chelsea Handler, who says she won’t interview President Donald Trump, asks CNN primetime host Don Lemon how he interviews some people with a straight face. Lemon says he has his own no-go list, declining to book talking heads who skirt the truth in favor of spin.

“I don’t have people like that on any more,” he insisted, in the latest edition of her series for Netflix.

Lemon defended Anderson Cooper’s right to eye roll. Handler asked about the Cooper eye roll that had pundits’ tongues wagging after a recent interview with Donald Trump surrogate Kellyanne Conway.

“Don’t you think it was what everybody was thinking?” Lemon said. “She kept going back to the election…To keep going back to that as an excuse for bad behavior – I just think that deserves an eye roll.”

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