‘Broadchurch’ Final-Season Review: Olivia Colman & David Tennant Exit With Grace

BBC America

Debuting on June 28 on BBC America for its third and final season, Broadchurch is a high-caliber and sure-handed drama which delivers an authentic ending that stays absolutely true to itself and makes for can’t-look-away television.

Having already aired in the UK this year and now heading for the U.S., the series starring Olivia Colman and David Tennant exits with true purpose and grace, as I say in my video review above. In fact, I would venture to say that Season 3 of the Chris Chibnall-created Broadchurch is almost the most compelling and scarring season yet of the BAFTA- and Peabody-winning series. Yes, Season 3 comes up just short of the masterpiece that was Season 1, but coming up short there is no sin at all; to be able to reach the heights of 2013’s first season with all its surprise and heartache would be near impossible for even as talented a writer as Chibnall.

This season, like previous ones comprised of eight episodes, finds Colman’s Detective Sergeant Ellie Miller and Tennant’s gruff and psychologically gnarled Detective Inspector Alec Hardy investigating a rape in the fictional English seaside town. With many roads and many suspects, the crime is set against the backdrop of the vast proliferation of online pornography, often violent, the technology seeped into our lives institutionally and personally, and the framing of attitudes about sex and women being reshaped in that context.

Once again, Golden Globe-winning The Night Manager alum Colman and the 10th Doctor Who Tennant are simply excellent, as are upcoming Time Lord showrunner Chibnall’s smart scripts that spawn a lingering feeling of unease that envelops everyone on both sides of the small screen. Amid a cast that sees several familiar faces from Seasons 1 and 2, also worth noting as new additions are the amazing Julie Hesmondhalgh and Sarah Parish as the sexual assault victim and her best friend and potential worst enemy, respectively. As the boss of their characters, Lenny Henry also puts in a strong turn.

Click on my video review above for more of my take on Broadchurch’s third and final season, and tell us what you think.

This review was first posted on June 19

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