Deadline’s Peter Bart Podcast #2: Roman Polanski, ‘The Godfather’ & ‘Get Out’

Peter Bart Podcast

The latest episode of The Deadline Podcast with Peter Bart today explores the off-camera intrigues that shape movies but never make headlines — how great lines are improvised (or blown), and last-minute scenes added or changed in new films and classic ones. A key scene in The Godfather is changed at the eleventh hour. A star threatens Roman Polanski because he is over schedule. Did Bogart really improvise some of the classic lines in Casablanca?

Also, the burgeoning world of horror films is explored — a genre that offers great opportunity for newcomers (ie, Get Out) but also a challenge for big-spending studio executives who are prepared to lavish big budgets and hire big stars in a traditionally low-budget sector.

Listen below:

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