Sean Spicer: Donald Trump To Reveal If He Taped James Comey When He’s Good And Ready

Sean Spicer
Associated Press

“Does President Trump have audio recordings of his conversations and meetings with the former FBI Director James Comey?” a reporter asked White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer at Monday’s briefing, after Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta’s briefing show-and-tell on Trump’s apprenticeship program.

“The President made clear in the Rose Garden last week that he would have an announcement shortly,” Spicer responded with a tease that would have made American Idol host Ryan Seacrest proud.

Reporters with editors to please pressed to know what “shortly” means.

“When the president is ready to make it,” Spicer responded, in Washington’s version of  “after the break!”

“Why leave this question open?” asked a political reporter who clearly has no institutional knowledge of the President of the United States’ reality-TV training. This line of questioning, of course, is entirely owing to Trump having tweeted, after sacking Comey, that Comey better hope there are no tapes before he starts talking to the press about his ouster.

“I think the president made it very clear on Friday that he would get back as soon as possible on this, and his position on that conversation,” Spicer responded.

“What is he waiting for?” one exasperated reporter shot at Spicer.

“He’s not waiting for anything; when he’s ready to further discuss it, he will. But I think he laid out his position very clearly and very concisely on Friday.”

On Friday, Trump once again dodged a question as to whether he had actually taped conversations with FBI Director James Comey, as he had suggested in that tweet shortly after sacking him.

“Well, I will tell you about that, sometime in the very near future,” Trump sidestepped when a reporter directly asked him, during a Rose Garden news conference, whether the tapes actually exist .

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