‘The Americans’: FX Series’ “Russians Are Here” Stealth Emmy Campaign Ad Cleared By Some Networks, Rejected By Others


FX yesterday launched an elaborate Emmy campaign stunt with full-page ads in several major newspapers featuring images of the Washington Monument wrapped in the Soviet flag and the slogan “The Russians Are Here.” (The digital version of the ad had the Capitol building shrouded in the red flag.) The stunt also included a video spot, which aired during Face the Nation, This Week and 60 Minutes yesterday and will also run in all of the primetime shows on CNN, Fox News and MSNBC tomorrow in New York, DC and Los Angeles.

FX only has targeted the New York, DC and Los Angeles markets with the spot. It ran in all three markets on CBS’ 60 Minutes and Face the Nation. On This Week, the ad only aired in DC because ABC would not clear it for its O&O stations in New York and Los Angeles without the FX or The Americans logo. For the same reason, the ad was turned down by NBC.

The 15-second commercial spot features visuals similar to the print ads to a Russian-labguage version of “America the Beautiful” sung by a Russian male choir. “Beautiful” is still in the lyrics, but, as can be expected, god is absent, replaced by sky. (you can watch the video above).

Like with the print/digital ads, the spot ends with therussiansarehere.org url, which redirects to the landing page of The Americans‘ FYC Emmy campaign.

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