Jeff Sessions Joins In Donald Trump Ring Kissing Ceremony Before Testifying To Senate On TV


Donald Trump staged a photo op with his full cabinet on Monday. It was the first meeting of Trump’s full cabinet, and POTUS kicked things off blaming Senate Dems “which I call The Obstructionists.”

Trump’s getting-back-to-work photo op kicked off a week in which he’s under siege due to the Russia investigation. One the cabinet members present, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, will publicly testify before the Senate Intel Committee about his various meetings with Russians while serving as a member of Trump’s transition team. Sessions had recused himself from Russia probe matters, after failing to disclose two meetings with Russia’s ambassador to the U.S. on his security-clearance paperwork and during Senate Judiciary Committee confirmation hearings. Last week, former FBI Director James Comey reportedly told the intel committee during a closed hearing about a possible third Sessions meeting with the ambassador.

In a 23-minute ring-kissing ceremony, each member of Trump’s cabinet gave the various reasons in which they are thankful to be members of Trump’s team and the good deeds the administration had done to date on their watch.

Sessions said it was great to be there to attest to the support Trump has from law enforcement “all over America. “They have been very frustrated…They are so thrilled we have a new idea that we are going to support them and work together to properly, lawfully fight the rising crime we have seen.” Sessions voted to “serve you in that regard” and commended Trump for “sending the exact right message and response that has been fabulous around the country.”

Sessions is expected to be asked tomorrow if there is a recording system in the White House – Trump having tweeted after sacking Comey that he’d better hope there are no tapes of his conversations with Trump before Comey thinks about talking publicly about his sacking. Last week Comey, who had taken notes immediately after his conversations with Trump, testified that POTUS’s tweeted threat about tapes caused him to give some of his memos to a friend, who leaked the information contained to The New York Times.

Sessions is on thin ice with Trump. POTUS took to Twitter to trash DOJ and the revisions on his “travel ban” after the latest London attack, and reportedly is angry Sessions recused himself from Russia probes.

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