Ben Affleck, Val Kilmer Pay Tribute to Adam West, Who ‘Exemplified Heroism’

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Update With Val Kilmer Another Batman has praised Adam West: Val Kilmer. “He was always so kind when we met,” said Kilmer, star of 1995’s Batman Forever. See his tweet below.

Previous Among the many reactions to Adam West’s death pouring out from Hollywood, only one immediately hit social media from an actor who has also worn the Bat-cowl.

Ben Affleck, tweeted about the Bat legend (see below). Affleck starred as the Caped Crusader in last year’s Batman V. Superman, and will return as Batman in Justice League, which is out Nov. 17. While those cinematic treatments are distinctly different from the neon-glowing, campy TV version West starred in, Affleck still showed affection for the original Batman, calling him a “kind, funny and all around great guy. Thank you for showing us all how it’s done.”

Here’s the full tweet:

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