‘Younger’ Season 4: A Josh & Kelsey Romance As Action Moves To Ireland – ATX

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Spoiler Alert! This article contains details about the Season 4 premiere of TV Land’s Younger.

At the end of Younger‘s Season 3, Liza (Sutton Foster) spilled the beans to her friend and co-worker Kelsey (Hilary Duff) that’s she’s actually 41, not 27. And now things are about to get even crazier.

The TV Land show about a mom who lied about her age to work at a trendy New York publisher had a special screening of its Season 4 premiere episode at the ATX Television Festival today.

“It was time for Liza to tell Kelsey,” creator Darren Star said during a panel discussion following the screening. “Part of it was the way she realized how badly she’d hurt Josh (Nico Tortorella), and the only way she could find any redemption was to be truthful at that point.”

“We go deeper with everyone this season,” writer and co-producer Alison Brown added. “It was time for Kelsey to know, and I think Sutton felt that way, and I think Hilary felt that way.”

As Season 3 closed, we saw the romance between Liza and Josh collapse, and in this first Season 4 episode there’s a potential dalliance between Josh and Kelsey. At the end of the upcoming episode, we see Kelsey become Josh’s room mate, possibly spelling a new romantic connection.

“[The potential romance] was a big debate too,” Brown said, while Star kept the will they/won’t they suspense going, saying, “Right now they’re roommates. Attractive roommates!”

Darren Star, Miriam Shor
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As for the rest of this new season, Peter Herman, who plays Charles, Liza’s publisher boss – and her other love interest – said, “It just gets very, very complicated, and the thing that’s beautiful about it is it’s borne out of everything that’s already planted in the season…it grows out of the life that we know Charles to have.”

“I think you need to see how Josh is really going to heal this wound that’s left by Liza,” Tortorella added. “I think he really stars to navigate what his relationships with other people look like, and how he can be the best partner to somebody else.”

It also seems the action will move far from its current New York location. “We’re going to Ireland for a very special reason,” Brown said. Asked which cast members had to grab their passports for the move, Star said, “Nobody needs a passport but a passport does have one’s age on it, that’s all I have to say.”

So it sounds as though Liza’s secret might spread even further afield, perhaps to her bosses. As of the first episode, they remain in the dark about Liza’s age.

Since the show is about the value of being truthful, Miriam Shor, who plays Liza’s other boss Diana, said, “Shout out to the writers for being so damn topical,” and Star responded, “We just hit the zeitgeist of what is truth, what’s the importance of truth, what’s the value of truth. What our entire country is thinking about the whole time, that’s what the show’s about.”

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