Donald Trump Breaks Twitter Silence To Call James Comey “A Leaker”; Thanks ‘Fox & Friends’

Donald Trump
Associated Press

Donald Trump can’t restrain himself from social media for too long. The U.S. President sent out an early morning Tweet on Friday saying that former FBI director James Comey was “a leaker” and that Comey’s hearing had vindicated him.

This comes after a period of unusual silence from the president who hadn’t taken to the social media site since the morning of June 7.

Trump followed up with a Tweet thanking Fox & Friends for its “great reporting”:

Yesterday, Fox & Friends attempted to justify Trump demanding loyalty from Comey. “Keep in mind Mr. Comey had been appointed FBI director by Barack Obama and Barack Obama had a bunch of people who were trying to blow up Mr. Trump as he came into the presidency,” said the show’s Steve Doocy. “Also, if you’re a CEO or a leader, that’s what you want your team to be, a bunch of people who are loyal to the team.”

On Wednesday morning, Fox & Friends opened with a theory that Comey could be “criminally liable” for keeping notes on but not immediately reporting Trump’s alleged quest to quash the Mike Flynn investigation.

Yesterday, Comey was questioned by the Senate Intel Committee about his interaction with Trump, who fired him in May, and his role in assessing Russia’s election involvement. In the questioning, Comey called Trump a liar after which Trump’s attorney Marc Kasowitz called Comey a “leaker” and said he was one of many who are “actively attempted to undermine this administration with selective and illegal classified information and privileged communications.”

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