Samantha Bee: ‘Fox & Friends’ Serves Trump Daily Breakfast of “Scrambled Islamophobia”


Samantha Bee last night served President Donald Trump a tangier meal than his usual “breakfast of scrambled Islamophobia” from Fox & Friends: “Staff your government, read a book, and for the love of God take the advice a woman gave you exactly one year ago – delete your f*cking account.”

That last little bit of advice came courtesy of Hillary Clinton, though with a little extra zing (Hillary’s reference to Trump’s tweet totaled three words, not four), and came at the end of a pointed Full Frontal bit in which Bee lambasted Trump for the president’s unneighborly responses to London Mayor Sadiq Khan after last Saturday’s terror attacks.

“What is wrong with you?” Bee pleaded. “Were you just fulfilling your annual Ramadan tradition of hurling insults at grief stricken Muslims named Khan?”

Bee reminded Trump that England acted with considerably more solidarity after 9/11, as did the French, with the newspaper Le Monde even publishing the famous “We Are All Americans” headline.

“Do you have any idea what it takes for French people to say ‘we are Americans’?,” Bee says. “It puts them right off their snails!”

Bee also refers to Trump’s tweets as “future Supreme Court exhibits,” before noting similarities between Fox & Friends observations and subsequent Trump tweets – or court exhibits.

Watch the Bee clip above.



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