Geoffrey Rush On What Makes A Genius, Playing A Woman, And How Going Naked Led To His First Big Break – The Actor’s Side


Geoffrey Rush, with a new project on TV and a big-screen summer blockbuster in theaters, had lots to talk about when he visited our studio for this week’s edition of my Deadline video series The Actor’s Side.

The youngest person at the time to achieve the acting trifecta of an Oscar, Emmy and Tony, Rush discusses his early days acting in Australian theater and his first big break, which he says he got by going completely naked onstage and being “discovered” (he likes to think because producers were so impressed). We also talk about how his big film break Shine came about and the trick to playing a convincing pianist; the wide variety of quality films he has been in; playing a woman when he recently took on Lady Bracknell in a new staging of The Importance Of Being Earnest; how he chooses his roles at this point in his 60s; and of course his latest go-round in the Pirates Of The Caribbean franchise with the just-released Dead Men Tell No Tales.

We also discuss his Nat Geo’s anthology series Genius, about the life of Albert Einstein, and exactly how he would define that term and who deserves it. There is heavy talk for yet another Emmy nomination this season for his Einstein role; Rush last won an Emmy for HBO’s The Life And Death Of Peter Sellers as he continues to take on challenging roles playing real-life icons.

Check out our conversation above.

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