Roman Polanski Attacks “Dishonest” U.S. Courts; Seeks Interpol Aid In Rape Case


EXCLUSIVE: He has repeatedly accused them of duplicity, he has compared them to the Nazis, and today Roman Polanski is claiming that there may be “another secret judicial plan to violate his rights” in the American courts. This latest volley came Friday from the Oscar winner’s lawyer in a filing seeking to have the 2010 testimony of former deputy L.A. County D.A. Roger Gunson unsealed and handed over to Interpol in Polanski’s 40-year old case of raping a 13-year old girl and fleeing American justice.

“Roman Polanski, a dual citizen of France and Poland, who has litigated with Jackie Lacey in the courts of three countries, should not be subject to a worldwide arrest warrant based on a conviction for which he has already served three times the sentence promised to him by the dishonest Los Angeles Court,” the condemning paperwork from attorney Harland Braun states, calling out the current L.A. D.A. by name (read it here).

“Hopefully the sordid history of this case, the litigation in three countries, the game playing by Jackie Lacey in refusing to even state her position on possible custody time, and the refusal of the court to represent to Mr. Polanski that it will follow the law, will result in the Interpol Commission finding that Mr. Polanski has already served his lawful sentence and that the Los Angeles Superior Court’s decisions are unworthy of international recognition,” The Chinatown director’s lawyer adds.

L.A. D.A. Jackie Lacey’s office had no comment on today’s filing.

Full of the wide scope language and conclusions that past filings on Gunson’s testimony by Braun have contained plus phrases like “documented judicial dishonesty,” Friday’s request for unsealing comes week before another court hearing on the particular matter. It also comes just under a week after the filmmaker was feted at Cannes with a screening of Based On A True Story feature. While Polanski spoke to the media in France about his new movie, the director did not address his current legal battle to return to America nor his desire to also not serve any more time behind bars for the sexual assault of a minor back in the Me Decade.

Originally scheduled for April 25, Polanski lawyer Braun asked earlier this year to have the hearing on unsealing old testimony from a former Deputy DA pushed back to next week due to new information and portions of testimony he says received from European officials.

Various legal representatives of Polanski and more that a few interested parties have insisted for several years that Gunson’s testimony unveils a scrapped agreement that would have seen the director behind bars for less than 90 days decades ago for the March 10, 1977 rape of then-minor Samantha Gailey. Not long afterwards Polanski pleaded guilty on five charges stemming from having sex with the minor.

After spending 42 days in a men’s facility in 1978, the director fled to France when he heard the presiding judge was going to put him in jail for up to 50 years. Despite repeated efforts to make a deal or extradite him over the decades, Polanski has remained beyond the reach of American justice – even when he and his victim has wanted to see him return, albeit without more jail time,

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