Bill Maher Tells Democrats To Embrace The “T” Word, Also Says “N” Word

HBO/Janet Van Ham

Updated with Video Bill Maher called on Democrats tonight to adopt at least one Republican tactic: Reminding his Real Time audience that chants at Trump rallies were “Lock Her Up” and not “Wait And See,” the HBO host mocked Dems like Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff for shying away from “the T word” – and he didn’t mean “Trump.”

“Last year,” Maher said at the end of tonight’s episode, “Republican Congressman Michael McCall said about Hillary’s infamous private server, ‘In my opinion quite frankly it’s treason.’ See, they’re not afraid to say the T word about nothing. Her private server was treason? No, Trump being Putin’s private server, that’s treason.”

The remarks were part of Maher’s New Rules segment, as he excoriated Democrats for refusing to utter “the T word” against President Donald Trump for, among other things, sharing classified information with the Russians.

“When they go low, we go high is a great applause line,” Maher said, “but as a tactic? What country do you think you’re living in?” Then he urged Dems to “wake up and smell” something best left for late-night cable.

“When they go low,” he continued, “they get re-elected.”

Maher’s T-word rave came at the close of an episode that already had promised to make headlines – and quickly began trending on Twitter – when the HBO host earlier used what sounded like a modified N-word – ending with an “a” instead of an “r”.

During a top-of-show chat with Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse, Maher seemed taken aback when the congressman invited him to come to his state and “work in the fields with us.”

Said Maher, “Work in the fields? Senator, I’m a house…” then used the word that drew gasps from the audience.

Maher and Sasse moved on quickly.

Also on tonight’s show were entrepreneur Tristan Harris, journalists Rebecca Traister and Jim VandeHei, and former New York governor Eliot Spitzer.

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