Jimmy Kimmel Reveals Who’s Behind Donald Trump Paris Accord Pullout


“President Trump rang in the first of June with a big announcement – and let me tell you, no one loves to make an announcement more than Donald Trump,” ABC’s late-night host Jimmy Kimmel said Thursday night, diving into the day’s big news that POTUS had pulled the country out of the Paris climate accord.

The previous night, Trump tweeted, very The Bachelor-esquely, “I will be announcing my decision on Paris Accord, Thursday at 3 PM in The White House Rose Garden. Make America Great Again!”

Setting up JKL-enhanced video of the announcement, Kimmel said, “It made sense that he did it from the Rose Garden – while we still have roses and gardens…The message he did deliver today was one of hope. As in, ‘I hope this terrible prank America decided to play on itself is over soon’.”

“I think he does have some support,” Kimmel noted after the video, adding, “I really hope that when the ice caps melt – it ruins every rug at Mar A Lago. I know that’s harsh – but it’s just how I feel.”

It isn’t just environmentalists who wanted the country to remain a part of the Paris accord. Exxon Mobil lobbied to stay in it, as did Shell, and Walmart. “Apparently these big companies ran the numbers and, it turns out, if climate change destroys human life on Earth, it could be bad for business,” Kimmel explained.

“This deal Trump backed out of was a deal that was signed by 194 other countries; the only other countries who are not part of the Paris Accord besides us – are Nicaragua and Syria. And they’re doing great.

“But I guess it’s not a surprise…the President has been very big on pulling out, ever since he had Donald Jr.”

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