Trevor Noah: Donald Trump Told “Nature To Go F*ck Itself” With Paris Accord Pullout

Comedy Central

Late-night show hosts not on hiatus this week were in luck when President Donald Trump gave coal his final rose during his reality-TV-esque reveal on his decision to pull the U.S. out of the Paris climate accord.

“Telling nature to go f*ck itself while standing in a garden is a pretty gangta move. I’m not gonna lie,” The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah, acknowledged. “The only way that would have been more messed up would have been if there was a Polar Bear standing in the background.”

“We all joke about him destroying world, but this could be it.”

Political pundits have speculated the decision was Trump’s idea of pay-back for the treatment he received during previous week’s trip to Europe – particularly his first encounter with French President Emmanuel Macron, who engaged him in a tug-of-war handshake after making Trump wait while he greeted over leaders. Hence Trump’s “I was elected to represent the citizens of Pittsburgh, not Paris” gag in Trump’s Rose Garden address.

Noah talked about Trump’s promise to ‘bring back old-school industrial jobs like cement and steel and coal” but schooled POTUS that bringing back coal jobs is like trying to bring back Baywatch – “you can’t save it.”

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