Francesco Carrozzini To Helm Cattleya’s Jo Nesbo Novel Adaptation ‘Midnight Sun’


EXCLUSIVE: Italian producer Cattleya has set Emmy-nominated docu filmmaker Francesco Carrozzini to direct Midnight Sun, an adaption of the bestselling Jo Nesbo novel. Cattleya, the production company behind the superb Italian language mob TV series Gomorra and Romanzo Criminale, acquired the Nesbo novel and intends to turn it into an English language film.

The novel focuses on Ulf, a young man who gets off a bus on Norway’s far northeastern border, telling the locals that he has come there to hunt. He’s actually a hit man who worked for a notorious drug lord called The Fisherman, and the mystery man has ventured all the way to the Arctic circle to hide, even if the sun never seems to set there. Even as he develops a bond with a grieving local woman and her young son that gives him something to care about for the first time in forever, the hit man knows it’s just a matter of time before his former employer pays a fatal visit.

“When I read Midnight Sun I was drawn to the complexity of the main character, Ulf – he’s inherently a good man forced to do bad things in order to save his own life and his loved ones,” Carrozini said. “The exploration of this tension, plus the remote, otherworldly backdrop of the Norwegian coast made me want to bring this book to screen right away.”

Said Cattleya CEO Riccardo Tozzi: “Nordic Noir has proven revolutionary in both publishing and the film and television industries and we are excited to take on the criminal world of Jo Nesbø, an incredibly talented author who will also executive produce the film with his producing partner Niclas Salomonsson. We are also thrilled to have Francesco Carrozzini on board. He is a brilliant, multi-faceted artist and fundamental to our approaching the project with an original point of view and to giving it a unique look”

WME and Three Six Zero Group rep the filmmaker, who has directed videos for Beyonce, Rita Ora, Lana Del Rey and Lenny Kravitz before helming the docu Franca: Chaos and Creation. Nesbo is repped by WME and Salomonsson Agency.

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