ReachMe.TV Network Eyes Overseas Expansion In Deal With India’s Toonz Media


ReachMe.TV, the out-of-home entertainment network in airports, hotels and on mobile web devices, has inked a deal with India-based family animation producer Toonz Media Group to launch a Toonz TV channel on the lineup.

The deal for ReachMe.TV, co-founded by Lynnwood Bibbens and Ron Bloom, comes ahead of a planned overseas expansion for the network available in more than 50 top U.S. airports, which reach an estimated 80 million viewers per month, and more than 750,000 U.S. hotel rooms. The global expansion is set to start in Q3 2017.

Toonz TV, which launches today, will provide a kid and family channel for the network that will feature its international cartoon and game catalog, well as augmented reality and virtual reality capabilities. The companies will operate out of Toonz’s Technopark studio in India and ReachMe.TV’s facilities in Hollywood. It will add to ReachMe.TV’s programming that include sports, entertainment, comedy, fashion, lifestyle, news, tech and business.

“We all know that the entertainment landscape is changing, and kids programming is a big part of that evolution”, said CEO Bibbens. “Toonz’s immense experience from software development to feature film animation and interactive gaming is a perfect match for our platform and our 100 million plus viewers on the go.”

Added Bloom:  “Let’s face it… families no longer gather in front of the TV … they need a new way to connect. We believe new entertainment formats and interactive technologies in animation and gaming will provide the ultimate way to bring families back together, and this new relationship with Toonz will help us to be part of that reunion.”

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