Donald Trump Expected To Pull U.S. Out Of Paris Accord On Climate Change


President Donald Trump is expected to pull this country out of the landmark global climate agreement, various political pundits are reporting, though The New York Times reported Trump was vacillating in reax to arguments by big businesses to stay in.

Details are being worked out by a small team that includes climate-change denier/EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt, Axios reports.

The Associated Press meanwhile, reports Trump’s announcement, which he has promised to make this week, may include “caveats” suggesting his decision is not final, so there’s that.

Some of those big businesses Trump tends to lend an ear, took out a full-page ad in various newspapers around the country, including the NYT. “As some of the largest companies based or operating in the United States, we strongly urge you to keep the United States in the Paris agreement on climate change,” the ad read to an audience of one. “Climate change presents both business risks and business opportunities. Continued U.S. participation in the agreement benefits U.S. businesses and the U.S. economy in many ways,” Google, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, Hewlett Packard, Intel Corp., Adobe, and Morgan Stanley, among others, explained to “Dear President Trump.”

Nearly 200 countries, including the U.S. under President Obama, signed the 2015 treaty agreeing to voluntarily reduce their greenhouse gas emissions in an effort to combat climate change. In the past, Trump has called climate change a hoax perpetrated by the Chinese government.


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