‘Pirates’ $326M Global Take Pushes Disney Into $3B For 2017 & Franchise Past $4B

Pirates Of The Caribbean Dead Men Tell No Tales

UPDATED, Tuesday 12:19 PM: Final numbers are in for Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales and yesterday it took in another $55.5M to bring its global gross to $326M (that includes the $247.8M thru the U.S. Memorial Day holiday). The $326M earned by the fifth installment of the Jerry Bruckheimer franchise means that Disney has now crossed $3B globally to date. Breaking that number down, $1.9B has come from international titles and $1.1B has come from domestic. The studio earlier released Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 which has taken over $450M internationally and $783M globally and also the live-action Beauty and the Beast which just topped the $500M in the domestic marketplace while having taken in over $730M abroad.

As we noted earlier, the performance from Pirates 5 has pushed it into a $4B global franchise.

UPDATED, Monday writethru with Pirates actuals: Disney and Jerry Bruckheimer’s fifth installment of Pirates of the Caribbean launched overseas last week and then added more territories over the weekend to bring its international footprint up to 90%. In its maiden voyage, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales has grossed $208.8M through Sunday (up slightly from yesterday’s estimate). Stateside, the lower than expected haul is $62.6M for the three day and $78.2M for the holiday. Internationally, POTC5 really had the weekend to itself so its booty ended up at $271.4M globally through Sunday. That’s thanks in big part to China which grabbed $67.9M. The whole of the franchise has now crossed $4B worldwide.

In the Middle Kingdom the opening shot across the bow marks the third highest three-day for any Disney title, only behind Captain America: Civil War and Avengers: Age of Ultron. Dead Men Tell No Tales has already exceeded the entire runs for At World’s End and On Stranger Tides there. IMAX opened the film on 1,088 overseas screens this session — roughly 400 of them in China.

Russia opened exceptionally well with $18.4M, which marked the biggest opening weekend in industry history and 37% ahead of On Stranger Tides and already surpassing the entire cume of At World’s End.

All films were impacted across Europe because of the Manchester terrorist attack so we take that into account this weekend as we report. In 2015 after the Paris terrorist, box office dipped 20%. We are seeing a similar scenario playing out now. In the UK, the estimated opening was $6.1M and France was 19% behind the last Pirates film with $9.1M. Germany took $8.3M, opening better than both Maleficent and The Jungle Book.

Italy had a strong 68% of the marketshare with $5.5M and opened ahead of Jungle Book. Spain grabbed $4.4M and was also ahead of Maleficent and Jungle Book.

In 2003, the international market for The Curse of the Black Pearl comprised about 53% of the overall box office take for the Pirate franchise an by the time On Stranger Tides reached the shore in 2011, that had grown to 76%. So all Ayes are on the international market for this film.

Each of the Pirates movies has increased its overseas box office steady as she goes with (at historical rates) Curse Of The Black Pearl ($349M), Dead Man’s Chest ($643M), At World’s End ($654M) and On Stranger Tides ($805M). Taking all that into account, the opening weekend for Dead Men Tell No Tales is running 17% of the last two installments.

Disney concentrated on China and marketed the film heavily, even hosting the first-ever world premiere of a Hollywood film in Mainland China. The high-profile event was at its Shanghai Disney Resort and was held May 11,15 days ahead of release and the Chinese swarmed in to get a look at Johnny Depp. (All of the previous films in the Pirates franchise were shown at the Beijing Film Festival in April).

The China release is being helped by its Dragon Boat Festival which kicked off on Sunday and will run through May 30. Remember the box office success of Warcraft last year that seemingly came out of nowhere? It launched during this same holiday in China. In China alone on IMAX, they expect to gross about $9M through the holiday.

Dead Men Tell No Tales (also known as Salazar’s Revenge in some international markets) posted the lowest opening stateside of the series down 31% from On Stranger Tides.

For the comp, On Stranger Tides opened to about $175M in the same markets and at today’s exchange rates; it went on to gross $805M offshore at a time. China was the No. 2 market for that film.

As my colleague Nancy Tartaglione noted: Disney has been aggressive in promoting this Pirates’ installment in overseas markets, by bringing in Depp and the rest of the cast and filmmakers to promote the film as often as possible. They showed up at Disneyland Paris on May 14, a surprise visit that made news around the world. The studio also heavily promoted fan screenings in Europe, Latin America and in Russia while in the UK and Australia, they did a pr stunt with ghost pirate sculptures appearing and disappearing and projecting ghost ships in places like Sao Paolo Brazil’s biggest shopping mall and in Sydney Harbor.

In Korea, Dead Men Tell No Tales was 12% behind On Stranger Tides with an opening weekend of $11.5M. Australia opened to $4.4M but at No. 2, Mexico was 14% ahead of Stranger Tides with a debut of $6.9M while Brazil ended up 15% up from Tides with $5.6M.

IMAX was good for $14M internationally for Dead Men Tell No Tales and $24M globally. The $14M take for IMAX was the 2nd biggest international IMAX opening in May only after Captain America: Civil War. The company expects a $24M global haul over four-days.

On Stranger Tides’ Top 5 markets at historical rates were Japan ($109M), China ($70M), Russia ($64M), Germany ($62M) and the UK ($54M). France, Brazil, Mexico, Australia and Spain round out the Top 10.

It has opened everywhere but in Japan, which is a key market for the franchise. That market will open on July 1.

The latest in the Fox franchise, which had a tepid bow in North America and has only collected $15.3M to date, opened to No. 2 in the U.K. market behind Pirates for a preview-included gross of $2.3M. With the UAE added into the finally tally (where it also opened), the film has started its international run with $2.7M.



Grossing another $10M from  m86arkets, Fox and Ridley’s Scott’s Alien: Covenant just crossed the $100M threshold after experiencing some decent holds in certain markets — Russia is still No. 2 in the market in its sophomore frame after pulling in another $1.1M this weekend, for instance.

Likewise in Germany, it’s held on well for the No. 3 spot in its second weekend where it grabbed $878K. In the UK, it took in about $931K (weekend 3) and in France $927K (also week 3).

Remember, this one still has yet to bow in China or Japan, which it will do on June 16 and Sept.. 15, respectively. Overall, it has a cume after this weekend of $100.2M. Its global take is $160.4M.

Warner Bros Pictures

Warner Bros.’ King Arthur: The Legend of the Sword brought in an estimated $10M this weekend on approximately 10,185 screens from 64 territories to raise its international cume to $85.2M. Last weekend, it brought 13 more territories into the fray so looking at the second weekends of those markets, France took in about  $1.1M for a No. 2 ranking behind Pirates for a total of $3.9M. Brazil’s sophomore frame saw $974K for a total tally of $4M, Australia is now totaled at $3.1M after another $799K weekend gross.

In its second weekend in the UK where tension is high, the Guy Ritchie-directed adventure tallied $715K for a cume of $4.8M.

The biggest market for this was, of course, China where it has wrangled $8.1M, followed by Mexico with $5.5M and Germany with $4.6M. The last market to release will be Japan on June 17.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 punched in with $9.3M this weekend in 56 (material) markets. Now in its fifth weekend, the Marvel/Disney action fantasy film is still enjoying some strong holds. For example, it continues to have second place finishes only behind Pirates 5 in some of its key markets. In The U.K./Ireland and Germany it held onto the No. 2 spot. In Japan after three weekends, it’s cume is now $7.7M after 17 days. It’s No. 3 right now in France.

The international gross is now $451.1M, and noteworthy this week/weekend is that GOTG Vol 2 passed the lifetime cumes of Thor: The Dark World ($438M), Guardians of the Galaxy ($440M) and Doctor Strange ($445M). So, now Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 now the sixth highest grossing Marvel Cinematic Universe release of all-time internationally.

With a Global cume to date of $783.3M, this week/weekend Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 also shot past the lifetime worldwide cume of Guardians of the Galaxy ($773M), making the second volume now the No. 5 of all-time global grosses inside the MCU.

Shoring up those stellar box office numbers is the key market of China with $98.3M. Its next closest market is the UK with $48.8M.


Universal Pictures and Blumhouse’s Get Out brought in an estimated $7.2M in 43 territories this weekend for an international total of $66.3M. Combined with North America totals, the worldwide tally for this Jordan Peele pic is now about $241.6M. That’s killer. The film opened in Mexico this weekend to $767K and No. 3 behind, you guessed it, Pirates 5 and the box office hit comedy How To Be A Latin Lover

But it’s Korea which is the highest-grossing market for the film. It’s holding strong at No. 3 with an estimate around $3.4M, -49% from last weekend (the best holdover in the market) for a total of $12.9M. In its sophomore frame in Spain, it took in another $666K for a total of $2.4M.

There are two more territories to open: Bulgaria on July 7 and Japan.


Dancing in with another $3.8M in its 11th weekend of play in 20 markets, Disney’s Beauty and the Beast has an international cume now of $732M and globally is well over $1B with $1.23B. The UK has been the strongest market for the live-action remake of the animated film with $89.9M. In fact, it’s now the No. 1 highest-grossing movie in Europe of the past year. In Japan, where they love Disney films, its in its sixth weekend of play and is above China in box office. Japan has cumed $86.8M compared to the Middle Kingdom’s $85.8M. It’s still No. 1 in Japan after six consecutive weekends of play.

Domestically, Beauty and the Beast reached a nice milestone, crossing the $500M mark.



It crossed $1B internationally today, which is the third time for Universal and only the sixth time in history that a film has reached this milestone. It is now a member of the international billion dollar club with Avatar ($2B), Titanic ($1.5B), Furious 7 ($1.16B), Star Wars: The Force Awakens $1.13B and Jurassic World $1.01B. So, three of the top 6 films internationally are Universal films. For more on this, see:

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The eighth in the franchise grossed $3.5M in 69 territories this weekend and raising the films total to $1.002B. Worldwide is now $1.225B.

After five weekends in Japan, The Fate of the Furious is still holding strong at No. 2 behind Beauty and the Beast and is the highest grossing of all the Fast & Furious films in Japan with $33.2M.

In China, the film has grossed $387.4M (2.7B RMB) and is the highest grossing foreign film of all time in China. Furious 7 is the second highest.

Other top grossing territories are: Brazil $41.6M; U.K. and Ireland $37.5M; Mexico $36.3M; Germany $32.1M; France $29.2M; Russia $29.1M; Korea $27M; Middle East $22.2M; Australia $21.4M; Taiwan $21.4M; Argentina $20.6M; India $19.8M; Indonesia $19.3M; Italy $15.8M; Spain $14.3M; Colombia $12.6M; Malaysia $12.2M; and Panama and Central America $11.4M.


The Indian sports biopic Dangal — which became a hit in India when it bowed late last year and grossed $111.2M — has now become China’s highest-grossing, non-English language film with $130M+ at the box office. And it’s not stopping yet. The film, which also had nice runs in America with $12.4M and the UK/Ireland with $3.1M and Australia ($1.9M), has only been in release in the Middle Kingdom for 23 days.

It broke the Top Ten highest grossing so far of the year in China at No. 8 and only sits behind The Fate of the Furious as the 5th highest amongst ALL foreign titles for the year, only behind Fate of the Furious, Kong: Skull Island ($164.2M), xXx: Return Of Xander Cage ($159.9m) and Resident Evil: The Final Chapter ($157M). Dangal is in Hindi.

What does it mean? It means that the film surpassed the current Indian box office hit Baahubali 2: The Conclusion as the highest-grossing Indian film worldwide (but Baahubali 2 has yet to open in China).
The logline for the film directed by Nitesh Tiwari stars well-known Indian talent Aamir Khan and is based on the lives of the Phogat sisters who were trained by their wrestling father to become world-class wrestlers.

The DreamWorks Animation/Fox  film The Boss Baby chalked up another $3.8M for the three-day after crossing the $300M mark last weekend. The animated family film has an international cume now of $308.1M after enjoying some good holds in its 57 markets. Globally, you can find this one diapering up roughly $477.88M. There were no new openings this weekend.

In its second weekend of play in the U.K. where nerves are raw since the terrorist attack, the Amy Schumer, Goldie Hawn comedy Snatched sank to No. 6 in the market (it has grossed $2M there to date). Overall, the film from Fox took in $137M in its 12 markets for an overall international cume of $9.4M. Globally, the ransom is about $50.78M.


Hanni & Nanni 4, the latest film in the popular German family franchise, opened in Germany, Austria and German-Switzerland this weekend to $413K. It opened to No. 5 in Germany with $323K at 637 dates.

Fortunata, the Italian drama that UPI is distributing in Italy, had a strong second weekend there and was No. 2 only behind Pirates 5. It grabbed $468K at 415 dates — down a mere 37% — for a 10-day total of $1.27M.


Lionsgate’s The Shack is doing great in Brazil where there are many Christians. So far, that country has faithfully served up at $22.8M and the film based on the best-selling book has totaled $28M Latin America so far. The Shack, which starred Sam Worthington, Octavia Spencer and Tim McGraw in the story about one man losing his faith and then finding redemption, is now one of the Top 5 highest-grossing films of 2017 in Brazil, surpassing Disney’s Moana. Its total international cume is $93.5M. It has already ended its North American run with $57.38M. It will open next in the UK on June 9.

Paramount’s Ghost in the Shell is still out there kicking around, having pulled in another $1.1M in 40 markets with all markets (where Par doesn’t distribute) tucking in $1.3M. The international cume for PPI markets is now $124.9M and the total international cume for all markets is $126.2M.

Sing is still playing out in six markets in 555 dates. Globally, the box office total is $632.7M ($362.37 from international; $270.3M from NA). Japan is the top grosser as it still is No. 6 in their box office chart after 11 weeks. The 73-day total there is now $45.5M.

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