‘Jane The Virgin’ Creator & Star On Balance Of Tragedy & Humor In Season 3 – The Contenders Emmys Video

Jane The Virgin Gina Rodriguez Jennie Snyder Urman
Michael Buckner/Deadline

Three years ago, Jane The Virgin gave the CW its first hourlong comedy series and its first awards contender. And while she may no longer be a virgin, Jane is still a force to be reckoned with. At last month’s all-day Deadline event The Contenders Emmys held at the DGA theater, Jane The Virgin creator/showrunner Jennie Snyder Urman and star, Golden Globe winner Gina Rodriguez, reflected on the show’s most recent third season, which saw one of the main characters, Jane’s husband Michael (Brett Dier), die suddenly.

Snyder Urman tackled heads-on the big question, “Why did Michael have to die?” while hinting at a possible end date for the dramedy series and promising that “there is a lot of light and joy that are coming back” after the tragic event midway through Season 3. Rodriguez spoke about losing her acting partner of 3 1/2 years and how it was filming the scene in which Jane learns about Michael’s death.

As for finding out who the mystery narrator on the show is, “That you will not find out until probably the last episode,” Snyder Urman said.

Check out our conversation above.

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