‘Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales’ Says Ahoy To $86.5M – Int’l Box Office Update


UPDATED, 9:04 AM: Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales opened in nine more territories on Friday and now sits at an international tally of $86.5M (and climbing) with China leading the way at the box office. Audiences in the Middle Kingdom which enjoyed a Pirates premiere — the first world premiere of a Hollywood film in China — have bought tickets to the tune of $21.3M for the studio. The film is now open in more than 90% of its international footprint. Only the key market of Japan (the country that loves Disney movies) is yet to open; it sails into that country on July 1.

So far, Disney has taken in $110M through yesterday and is now looking at a worldwide haul by tomorrow of $275M. The overseas box office has grown in importance over the years for this and other franchises. Specifically for the Pirates‘ franchise, 53% of the worldwide gross in 2003 came from overseas and on the last go around in 2011, that percentage grew to 76%.

Speaking of percentages, Pirates has a big 87% marketshare in China right now, and it already ranks as the 4th highest Disney opening day ever. It has already surpassed the entire cume of the third Pirates‘ movie, At World’s End.

Pirates is also No. 1 in Mexico with a 68% marketshare and already 29% ahead of the opening day of Pirates 4 On Stranger Tides. Spain opened to about $1.5M, which ranked No. 1 for the opening day (it also has a strong 67% of the market).

— Update reported by Anita Busch

PREVIOUSLY FRIDAY, 8:44 AM: Disney’s return to the swashbuckling adventures of Captain Jack Sparrow is off to a No. 1 start in all offshore markets. Through yesterday, Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales has reeled in $34.5M at the international box office. With domestic previews, that brings the global total to $40M as we head into the weekend.

Early estimates out of China, a key swing on how this Johnny Depp-starrer fares abroad, indicate an opening day today of $20M+ (that includes previews, but is not included in the overseas number above).

The launch day for Pirates 5, also known as Salazar’s Revenge in some overseas markets, ranks among the top debuts of the year in several hubs including Germany, Austria, France, Finland, Sweden, Belgium, Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia.

The Joachim Ronning-Espen Sandberg-directed movie began overseas rollout on Wednesday with a strong opening in France ($2.3M, 2nd biggest bow of 2017, 5% behind opening day of Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, 4% ahead of Captain America: Civil War, 34% ahead of Jungle Book — all in admissions).

Korea was also a good opening, 6% behind POTC4, and in Norway, the helmers’ home country, POTC5 had an 83% market share. Indonesia bowed significantly ahead of the opening day of Pirates 4. Thailand, at $400K, had its 2nd biggest opening day of 2017 to date. In a sign of how some Asia Pacific markets have grown over the years, this was 66% ahead of the opening day of Pirates 4

Thursday’s openings brought Germany the biggest start for a film of 2017 at 40% above POTC4. The UK was also a No. 1 bow, although this week’s Manchester terrorist attack is expected to impact box office this weekend. In the Netherlands, POTC5 was the top opening day of 2017 with $900K and the 2nd highest opening day for any Disney release behind only Star Wars: The Force Awakens. It came in 47% ahead of POTC4.

Other markets topping the 2011 film’s performance on opening day include the UAE, Russia ($3.6M), Malaysia and Argentina.

In addition to China — which is heading into the Dragon Boat holiday — Spain and Mexico open today along with several other markets. Major markets not opening this weekend include Japan, which opens July 1.

For reference, On Stranger Tides‘ opening weekend was about $175M in the same markets and at today’s exchange rates; it went on to gross $805M offshore.

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