‘Angie Tribeca’ EP On Series’ Balance Between Procedural & Insanity – The Contenders Emmys Video

Ira Ungerleider Angie Tribeca

“It’s a constant battle between insanity and the really logical crime story,” Angie Tribeca executive producer Ira Ungerleider says of what is at the core of the Rashida Jones-led TBS series. “So you take a show like Law & Order, and put monkeys into it,” he added to laughter during a session at Deadline’s annual The Contenders Emmys event.

One of the fastest-paced and, in my opinion, relentlessly funny series on TV, Angie Tribeca debuted via a witty programming decision: a binge-friendly Season 1 marathon on in January 2016. The show, created by Nancy and Steve Carell and which co-stars Hayes MacArthur, Andrée Vermeulen, Jere Burns and Deon Cole, was back for a regular week-by-week second season on June 6 last year. It had  its Season 3 premiere on April 10 this year, the day after I interviewed showrunner Ungerleider onstage at the DGA Theatre in front of a packed house of TV Academy and guild voters.

The latest season of Angie Tribeca, which has more than its fair share of gags and guest stars including Michelle Dockery and Natalie Portman, wraps June 12. So, before you watch that finale, check out our conversation above.

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