Bill Maher Teams With ATTN: To Deliver His “F*ck Mars!” Message In Animation


“New rule: F*ck Mars! Stop fantasizing that Mars is Earth’s backup planet,” Bill Maher rants in his second animated editorial with ATTN:.

This new editorial echoes sentiments Maher expressed during an episode of his HBO series Real Time about a month ago, telling viewers that, in honor of Earth Day, “everyone has to shut up about Mars, and how cool it would be to live there and start over some place new,”calling it a dangerous idea that we can “keep on trashing Earth” because “we’ve got Mars.”

In this new animated video – message and voice by Maher, production and animation from ATTN: – Maher criticized “this constant drumbeat to get to Mars, explore Mars, colonize Mars.”

“Billionaires talk about Mars like it’s margaritaville,” Maher  snarked. “Amazon’s Jeff Bezos wants to go. So does Tesla’s Elon Musk, who wants us to have a million people living there in 50 years. Even Donald Trump favors Mars over Earth. His budget slashes the EPA, which protects our water, our air, and the future of our planet. But last month he signed a bill calling for a manned mission to Mars by 2033, which NASA estimates would cost $450 billion.”

“Here’s a crazy idea. If we are going to take the challenge to overhaul a planet, let’s do this one. Let me spell it out in simple terms. Mars is an airless, lifeless, freezing sh*thole.”

“Millions of years of evolution shaped us to thrive here, and only here. On Earth,” Maher lectured.

“F*ck Mars! It’s time to Make Earth Great Again.”

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