Marsh McCall: ‘Fuller House’ Cast & Crew Remember Beloved Comedy Writer

Marsh McCall/Facebook

As the TV community is coming to grips with the loss of veteran comedy writer-producer Marsh McCall, who died suddenly this morning at 52, he is being mourned by his current TV family, the cast and crew of the Netflix comedy series Fuller House, where he was working as co-executive producer up until his death.

The series creator/executive producer Jeff Franklin issued a statement on behalf of the entire Fuller House team.

Our Fuller House family is heartbroken over the sudden passing of our co-executive producer Marsh McCall. He was our brightest shining star, always smiling, and always there with the perfect joke. Beyond his immense talent, he was the happiest comedy writer we’ve seen, and his love of life was contagious. We will miss him dearly, and our hearts go out to his beautiful family and a universe of friends who adored him.

Fuller House star Candace Cameron Bure tweeted upon hearing the news pf McCall’s passing.

And one of the show’s entry-level writers, Craig Shoemaker, posted a touching tribute to McCall on Facebook.

“In a world of chaotic egos, this is a man of balance, integrity, intelligence and grace, showing this newcomer to a writers room how it’s done the right way. Marsh treats others with respect and kindness, while remaining passionate and focused on the work. He’s a guide without the title, simply being genuine, engaging and funny, while still banging out the work to be done.

Marsh is one authentic, generous spirit, and now his spirit has passed on. In a state of shock right now, the day suddenly halted by profound sadness from this horrible news. The dude was multitalented too. Went to see his band a few times at a local club. It was such a cool feeling to see him express his joy through music. There is nothing like taking in an artist in the zone and on a run.

He might not be a name most will recognize, but his work has been in our homes for decades. Thank you Marsh for sharing your wisdom and gifts with the world. Paying my respects to a man I respect so very much. RIP…

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