Anderson Cooper Apologizes For Crude Remark; Jeffrey Lord Says “OK 2 Laugh!”


Apparently all’s well between CNN anchor Anderson Cooper and the network’s go-to conservative pundit Jeffrey Lord. After Cooper apologized for a “crude sentence” he tossed Lord’s way on-air Friday, Lord was letting bygones be bygones.

“Anderson Cooper is my colleague and a friend for whom I have the highest professional and personal regard,” Lord tweeted. “Message America? It’s ok 2 laugh!”

Cooper had tweeted his regrets over the “crude sentence” he made during his interview of Lord, saying he’s “genuinely sorry.”

The kerfuffle, such as it was, began as Lord was explaining why he doesn’t care that President Donald Trump called James Comey a “nut job,” with Cooper saying, “If he took a dump on his desk, you would defend it.”

Lord, either initially missing the comment or just stunned, said “What?,” then burst out laughing as the moment settled in.

“I mean, I don’t know what he would do that you would not defend,” Cooper continued. “I mean, you’re a loyal guy, I think that speaks well of you.” A decent save, but apparently not enough: Cooper soon tweeted a more fulsome apology.

“I regret the crude sentence I spoke earlier tonight and followed it up by apologizing on air. It was unprofessional. I am genuinely sorry.”

Lord then tweeted the good-natured defense of his colleague. (See both tweets below).

Lord — who’s probably developed a pretty thick skin lately — responded with considerably more grace than KellyAnne Conway did recently: She suggested Cooper was sexist when he rolled his eyes during an interview.

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