TNT Greenlights Michael Moore-Fronted Nonfiction Series & Docuseries From Sarah Jessica Parker And Morgan Spurlock


TNT has greenlit Michael Moore Live From The Apocalypse, the working title of a new nonfiction series to be directed and hosted by Michael Moore, who helped pioneer the genre with TV Nation and The Awful Truth. The network also ordered Who Run The World?, a new documentary series executive produced by Sarah Jessica Parker, Morgan Spurlock and Refinery29 that will focus on the issues women face in today’s world.


Both project were unveiled today as part of Turner’s Upfronts presentation in New York.

The Moore announcement comes a day after Harvey and Bob Weinstein acquired rights to his latest documentary Fahrenheit 11/9, which will focus on the election of Donald Trump. That project still in the works will be on offer at the upcoming Cannes market that kicks off this week.

Michael Moore Live From The Apocalypse, in the meantime, is eyeing a late-fall premiere and is reminiscent of those TV Nation days (that nonfiction series won an Emmy in 2005) combining documentary and Moore’s comedic satire. The new show will shine a light on DC politics, Wall Street and the 1%. Moore also exec produces with Meghan O’Hara (Sicko), and Nick McKinney (The Daily Show) will produce.

Live From The Apocalypse will be a raucous gathering place for millions of our fellow citizens in desperate need of a break from the screaming pundits and the purveyors of ‘alternative facts,’ ” Moore said in a release announcing the series. “Our show will be dangerous and relentless. And it will be the destination for those who want to know what’s really going on and what they might be able to do about it.”

Who Run The World? — from Spurlock’s Warrior Poets and Parker’s Pretty Matches Productions, in partnership with Refinery29 and in association with Turner’s Studio T — is set for a premiere sometime this year. The network said it will center on the most divisive and complicated issues facing women today, from the policing of their bodies and judgments of their family planning choices, to the micro-aggressions they face in the media, the workplace and everyday life.

“It is important to me to explore the gendered experience, including the successes as well as the challenges,” said Parker. “As we continue the fight for equality in pay, access to healthcare, childcare and more, I hope we can give a voice to the unheard and invite every human to be a part of the conversation. I am thrilled to be partnered with Warrior Poets, Refinery 29 and TNT on this timely and important project.”

Added Spurlock: “There’s never been a better time for this series than right now, and I couldn’t have asked for better partners to make it happen. I’m so excited to tell these stories with Pretty Matches & Refinery29 and to share them with the world on TNT.”

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