Fox To Offer Advertisers Cross-Platform Audience Guarantees

Fox Networks Group
Fox Networks Group

UPDATED: At its upfront sales presentation this afternoon Fox Networks Group will join NBC by offering advertisers a new kind of sales arrangement not based on conventional Nielsen ratings.

Among several announcements it plans to make, Fox will guarantee the number of viewers that ad messages will reach on TV as well as digital platforms based on the Video Quality Score from Oracle’s MOAT. Earlier today NBC also said it will use MOAT.

“We want to give you a unified view across all mediums of true investment efficiency — and, more importantly, how that correlates with your brand’s goals and specific campaign goals,” FNG’s newly named Advertising Revenue President Joe Marchese says.

With the MOAT guarantees, “you won’t need to show us the results from other platforms.”

In addition to the MOAT announcement, FNG will offer to help advertisers target their messages with a “brand lift optimization system” that incorporates machine learning algorithms, sentiment and brand survey data.

As an example, the company says that what it calls the UP/LIFT system can monitor audiences for a 1:00 PM NFL game on Fox Sports Go and then tell a car company what kind of ad would be most effective in a 4:00 PM broadcast.

FNG plans to reduce on-demand ad loads by offering a single buyer exclusive sponsorship. To that end, FX and other FNG services will stop selling standard commercials on digital and on-demand platforms.

“This drives three to five times more value than featuring a normal spot in each break,” Marchese says. “These and other viewer friendly ad formats perform so well for brands and are not surprisingly well received by consumers.”

The company will also unveil an in-house integrated marketing agency — All City — to be led by former 20th Century Fox Film Chief Creative Officer Tony Sella. It will connect advertisers with FNG “storytellers to develop branded content, capitalizing on the premium consumer attention available throughout Fox programming.”

Fox Television Group co-CEO Dana Walden and Gary Newman say that they’re on board. “We’re bringing together advertisers and our best creators to develop high quality branded content that our fans love,” Walden says. Last season, she adds, viewers sent more than 250 million tweets about advertisers’ brands.

Marchese took on digital platforms — much as NBC did at its upfront presentation this morning.

He lit into “subprime” offerings “represented by unviewable ads, and unsavory content entering our ecosystem all compounded by ad blockers, DVRs and growing ad-free options. These allow people to dictate the value of their attention to us….This trend should be terrifying to everyone in our industry.”

By contrast, he says that Fox offers “immersive stories and bold characters [that] are platform agnostic.”

And “the greatest storytellers in the world want to reach the greatest audience. That’s aligned with your brand’s mission. And it’s aligned with our mission at Fox.”

Fox Television Group co-CEO Dana Walden says that last season viewers sent more than 250 million tweets about advertisers’ brands.

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