Screenvision Introduces Blockbuster-Only Cinema Ad Sales

Screenvision Media

Screenvision Media today will unveil a way to simplify cinema ad sales for companies that just want to buy the hits. At an upfront presentation to buyers, the firm will introduce what it calls “10 Pack” deals, enabling sponsors to just buy time ahead of what Screenvision believes will be the year’s 10 most popular films.

Screenvision is eager to promote the idea that ads that run before blockbusters will stand out from the clutter of commercials on TV and online.

“There’s no question that we are at an inflection point in media,” CEO John Partilla said. “Advertisers are looking for memorable impressions that create impact along with TV audience replacement, and they are finding that in cinema.”

To further advance the theme, the company will offer a tool it calls Cintel, which promises to blend behavioral, psychographic and demographic audience data to help buyers determine the movies or genres that appeal to the people who are most likely to buy their products.

That could be important to keep up with the data-rich targeting opportunities that major TV networks plan to offer at their upfront presentations next week — as well as the deep data that digital platforms say they can provide.

Screenvision Chief Revenue Officer Katy Loria wants to persuade buyers that cinema is more dependable. “TV ratings erosion is real and it’s becoming increasingly harder to buy [gross ratings points] effectively,” she said. “In addition, viewability, fraud and the inability to guarantee a safe environment with appropriate context are major concerns in the digital world, … In a landscape where attention is the new ROI and engagement is the new currency, we are the premier of premium video, and we offer the ultimate storytelling canvas for impact.”

Screenvision will invite advertisers to support a research study it will commission from neuroscientist Duane Varan to determine ways to make messages more memorable to moviegoers.

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